Infant Acid Reflux Symtoms & Treatments

This is our experience with INFANT ACID REFLUX. Our daughter is 4 weeks 3 days at the filming of this video.

She had a variety of symptoms that led us to believe that she had acid reflux.

Constant hiccups 1:25
Clinging & scratching 3:11
Arching back, "crawling" up our chest 3:50
un comfort, grunting 3:11
turning side to side
screams in pain if laid down 4:06
prefers upright
congestion 7:29
pulling away during feeding 3:52
difficulty or refusing to eat 8:10
eating smaller amounts
spitting up (small amounts)
not sleeping soundly or waking from a sleep with a painful cry
fussiness continuing to worsen throughout the day, peaking in evening 1:49
sounding "horse"
wet burps with a pulling away disgusted face 4:28

Keep baby upright
Baby Ayr saline drops 7:48
Ranitidine (Zantac) 1.5 ml's by mouth twice daily (baby's weight 8 lbs at time of filming) 6:31
Essential oils: DigestZen 5:51

To find out more about the essentials oils here is a link to thier website. I am not paid to promote this. This is another natural option to try.

This is the rocker that she sleeps in:
*It had a recall because of a fear of mold because it was thought to not "breathe" well. We never had a problem and they still sell it. Just FYI

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