Heartburn and GERD Surgery


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This video shows how doctors use surgery to stop the symptoms of heartburn and GERD. Fundoplication is a surgical procedure to prevent a back flow of stomach contents into the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube connecting your mouth and stomach. The animation shows how the upper portion of the stomach is wrapped around the lower esophagus to strengthen the cardiac sphincter of the stomach, which helps prevent GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease, aka heartburn). Hiatal hernia repair is also depicted. This involves pulling a portion of the stomach that has protruded from the diaphragm back into place.



Stop Acid Reflux

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58 thoughts on “Heartburn and GERD Surgery

    1. mukun kumar I’m really good I have been sticking to diet with to Chico and carbonated beverages of citrus acid

  1. Had mine done 5 days ago…I had to have my Gallbladder removed anyway so the Surgeon did both at the same time he did a great Job!
    So far no issues except I cant eat much anymore and have to eat very slow…hope it works 🙂 Hopefully NO MORE REFLUX!!!

  2. “The abnormal growth of intestinal type cells in the asophagus”

    Sounds creepy intestines for an asophagus

  3. No more pizza and tacos for me, 25 yrs old and tonight I feel like I just got hit with a HADOUKEN! IN MY MY CHEST!! 🙁

  4. This message is for anyone suffering from minor / major heartburn otherwise know as G.E.R.D. Consume 100% pure aloe vera juice when the acid reflux episode occures or before a large meal. This will supply the tissues of the intestinal tract with vitamins & minerals that are necessary for proper wound healing & will naturally rebalance the ph in the stomach causing the reflux to subside.

  5. Great Video and Great Information! Thank you! Should I ever need this procedure, I would definitely opt for the Laparoscopy…

  6. :–HELPFUL ADVICE–: Diet changes Cured me, until I started eating the following foods again.
    Do not eat the following: Spicy foods, Greasy / fatty foods, Red meat, Tea, Fast food, Limit Dairy.
    It took me awhile to have 100% no signs of anything, except scar tissue. Its hard cutting out foods your use to, but it is worth it. Just don’t go back to the bad foods, cause it will come back full force!

  7. Its been a month iv had this disease the first 2 weeks were brutal google made it worse for me scaring me at one point i thought i was getting barrets esophagus i had alot of heart burn the first two week on the 3rd week i lost all those symptoms i went on a high alkaline diet its been a month now kale spinach and brocoli were my go 2s i still drank coffe decaf in mornings but before all of this happend i was a heavy smoker very overweight ate alot of fried foods alot of spice as well so i guess the things i was doing to my body led up to this but looking at others peoples sides of gerd what they have been experiencing for years makes me sit here and wonder wow may god bless all of you and i pray each and one of you get better this was very scary for me and painful some of you are going through hell my prays for all with this disease as it can change your life.

  8. Most of the Hiatal hernia can be reversed naturally. You should really ask many 2nd questions before committing to surgery.

    1. @Kwaj same, 2-3 hours with some help from supplement. Even sometimes when im lucky and didn’t feel hungry i just eat a little portion and got ready to sleep in just 1 hour and a half

    2. Idk if that helps
      I have gerd as well

      I found that laying down flat when eating a small meal
      And then sleeping on pillows after bigger meals help reduce it a little 🙂
      (Alternate )

      (I take meds also but that’s another story lol)

      (Also be careful about food that worsen your gerd )

      Don’t drink at least 10 minutes (or better for an hour if you are not too thirsty) before laying on your bed
      Otherwise it will make your gerd worse

    3. Sr Chalice don’t feel alone bro, I’ve had to deal with this since I was a kid. I don’t remember the last time I’ve ever had a good night sleep laying flat. I hope things get better for me and you

  9. One of my friends suffer from heartburn…I don’t know for how long though. It doesn’t really bother him, but I saw it happen before to my friend..Whenever it happens, I sometimes get scared because I care A WHOLEY LOT about my friend…but, he is doing just fine with this heartburn thing!☺️

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