Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD-Mayo Clinic


Many people have symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD, often called acid reflux. This video shows how the esophagus works and how acid can splash into the esophagus because of a hiatal hernia or weakness of the valve called the lower esophageal sphincter. Mayo Clinic has a very large team with an international reputation for its skill in diagnosing and treating reflux, Barretts esophagus and esophagus cancer. For more information, go to the Mayo Clinic website,

Stop Acid Reflux

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97 thoughts on “Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD-Mayo Clinic

    1. During this Corona issue, I am having shortness of breath, bad heartburn in the morning and have recently started discharging brown vomit when I wake up, i also have a blocked nose and throat, can anyone give advice?

    1. Long dead comment. But I’ll ad my advice. Sleep on you left side. This way you’ll have less acid sploshing up because of the way the stomach is positioned.

  1. I told my grandma that I get heartburn at night when I lay down to sleep and it causes me to cough and stay awake. So on the first night she made tacos, the second night she made spam with baked beans in ketchup, the third night she made chili. I drank all the milk in the house and didn’t sleep a bit last night. Still not sure what I did that pissed her off.

    1. You should tell her that if she keeps it up you can potentially get stomach cancer. It’s the truth. You can get stomach cancer if you continue to eat what causes you heartburn, acid reflux, etc.

    2. Rampant_Reptile try Alka-Seltzer plus
      Not the cold and flu one Regular Alka-Seltzer plus if you can find the extra strength the one that works even better trust me it helps

  2. I’m only 14 and it feels like I have a brick in my chest that’s how bad it is right now. It just recently started happening.

    1. Simply take lukewarm water in morning then orange juice when u get fresh(after loo) and brushed…

      With orange juice u can take apple juice or simply whole apple..

      **Strictly Avoid Fast Food(junk food)**
      ** Say no to Spicy food**

      Just eat healthy food

      Protein diet Egg(boil)

      If u r not lactose intolerant take (warm) Milk in night before sleep…

      Fresh vegetables

      Cucumber beetroot more salad with ur diet

      Take antacid when u feel acidity

      Avoid overeating ( dont eat too much)

      Take diet in duration like every 2 or 3 hour…

      Make a fix time of eating and sleeping it will help a lot…

      Exercise and yoga keep you healthy it speedup ur recovery…

      Again i am saying Please avoid spicy and junk food otherwise You never overcome that problem…..

    1. ..Tried everything, watched so many YouTube videos and read so many articles, none of the cures or dietary regiments worked! The only cure for me was Cashew Nuts, YES, CASHEW NUTS! I just a couple before I go to bed and if the acid reflux wakes me up in the night, I just have one more and off to a good night’s sleep! Try it. All the medicine on the market have side effects and lead to liver, jidney and heart problems. Nature has the answer and for Acid Reflux, it is another one of GOD’s miracles. Try it and see and if it works, then take a look at the playlist ‘Our Reality’ on my channel for more of GOD’s TRUTH. GOD bless you all in Jesus’ name. Amen…

    2. @Smiley Me does the heartburn only happen after eating? Coz my chest hurts like getting stabbed when I’m hungry.

    3. Ibrahim Jamadi hello i just got hospitalized a week ago because of having Gerd. still taking my med but feeling uncomfortable..i change my diet..the heartburn happens before and after meal..it depends how serious the gerd is. just eat a little bit,no oily food..eating only melon and watermelon. Banana for me makes it worse. Oatmeal with honey is the best for me. drinks a lot of water. Now i feel like i am getting better when i eat the right food.

    4. Hey…for quick relief i think you should try ENO Fruit Salt…
      And for further you should have to gape atleast 3-4hrs between your meal and bed time

    1. @Dusk I mean, it’s not scary if you can treat is quickly, but if left unnoticed and untreated at the same time, then GERD is definitely scary because it can develop into another sickness such as barrett’s esophagus, and then if it gets worse again, it will make you have esophageal cancer.

  3. Does anybody only get discomfor in their chest and upper left abdomen? I have never had discomfort in my throat or a strange taste in my mouth yet everyday of my life my chest burns and tingles.

    1. mikesPOTCO try to evade spicy foods and dairy and stop smoking if you do and drinking soda and foods that have high corn fructose instead try eating healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and drink a lot of water for 2 weeks.

    2. I have been plagued with acid reflux, leaky gut, constipation, reflux esophagitis and dyspepsia for years and nothing conventional medicine has offered really helped. I just followed the first step in heartburn treatment https://t.co/yGqhYaiClu and now all my discomforts are gone and several of my symptoms are relieved.?

    3. Me too, I ate a spicy steak last night and hot cheetos 2 days In a row and now I have burning in my chest and upper stomach😀

    4. @Fayazkhan Ilyas asslam o alaikum bhai jaan kaise ho aap me bhi saudi me Rehta hu bhai mujje yahi problem h bhai acid rellflux ka thorat jalta h or khatta pani ata h bhai ky akaru apka number hia toh bhejo bhai

    1. I’ve been getting this for years. I know it’s a late reply but could you tell me how long it took by the time you started exercising before it started going away?

    2. I wanna cry i finally found people suffering the same thing as mine i really thought in going to die soon

    1. @omgyvonnexo just breathe man, take deep breaths you control your body, your heart is not gonna fail this young when there’s big fat bastards that eat McDonalds all day and still don’t have heart attacks, you don’t always have to presume the worst case scenario lol

    1. I received radiation to the head and neck as a child, so that could be why. My throat gets sore and irritated easily. Also, the dryness is very bad. I get dry throat, infections, ect.

  4. I took my heartburn pills and it got away for a month but then it came back… i gotta stop EATING too much acidic foods man😪

    1. @*-Night Sky-* you are so little to have gerd. But don’t worry, there is a surgery called nissen fundoplication that can help a lot.

    2. I’m not too sure if I have GERD.. I throw up about once a week now, and I burp a lotttt lmao. I also get the urge to throw up a lot and when I do I usually stop eating and try to ease it. I also get heartburn occasionally. I’m not sure if I have it, might be in earlier stages

  5. Anyone here experiencing this at night or midnight making you wake up? And is anyone here getting dizzy too?

  6. Does anyone get this when they’re super stressed, and then it feels like you’re constantly hungry when you aren’t?

    1. I have had acid reflux all the way up to my ears. Felt like it had been weakened. Now, my throat constantly hurts and gets sore easily. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix it. I also get chest pain.

    2. This heartburn treatment https://t.co/o6RSF9BxUj helps me immensely with many other digestive problems I have had as well and all naturally without the use of conventional medications. If you`re currently encountering digestive ailments as well as chronic heartburn, you need to try this treatment solution also.

    1. Try eating red apples. They have alkaline properties which can neutralize acidity and cure acid reflux. Try it for a couple of days.

    1. Try eating red apples. They are alkaline and can neutralize acidity and can cure acid reflux. Give it a couple of days.

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