FIX Heartburn/GERD Naturally


Heartburn and GERD cause suffering for millions around the world, and cost billions in medication and medical procedures. But, what if there were natural and inexpensive strategies to control or fix heartburn/gerd that would save you from much suffering and expense? Well there are such strategies, this video will explain how to fix heartburn/GERD naturally and cheaply.

Taking an acid blocker every day is unnatural and can lead to much worse disease and complications. Use the simple tips I outline here for immediate relief, until you can use the 7 strategies I talk about at the end of the video to fix your heartburn symtoms.

You don’t have to suffer from heartburn any more, you can fix it and improve your health at the same time.


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Ken D Berry, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, having seen over 20,000 patients in his career so far.
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Stop Acid Reflux

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71 thoughts on “FIX Heartburn/GERD Naturally

  1. Thank you so much for this video! I wish more doctors were like you. I went to a doctor the other day for this issue and he actually told me that there is nothing natural that can cure the reflux or GERD. He told me the only thing that would work is something like Nexium. I think doctors like that should be banned from practicing medicine.

    1. @Truth SoTrue Had that a couple days ago. It was downright frightening yet extremely sobering. Now, I’m in the first steps of a lifestyle change and the heartburn hasn’t been anywhere NEAR as bad. In fact, I’ve had some wonderful periods of 100% complete relief.

    2. They just do not go against their teachings. I also believe there are legal ramifications as well, more bullshit.

    3. Main thing this doctor never said that when you have GERD or acid reflux YOU ARE LOW ON STOMACH ACID YOU NEED MORE ACID TO KEEP YOUR STOMACH VALVE CLOSED PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH

  2. Thanks Dr Berry for this info!

    Below is a summary with approx time mark in the video for the point made:

    For temp relief
    Proton Pump Inhibitors are OK for 2 wks or occasional use only
    2:00 You may need to take your PPI or H2 Blocker each day or every 2nd day whilst you implement the below strategies. You may then go to taking your PPI or H2 blocker every 3rd day whilst doing the below strategies.
    2:20 If GERD flares up, take it for 3-5 days, but then stop, because PPIs and H2 blockers stop you being able to absorb minerals because the PPIs and H2 blockers reduce you stomach acidity that helps with vitamin absorption etc.
    2:50 Taking PPIs and H2 Blockers every day long term can lead to increased risk of pneumonia, osteoporosis and dementia

    4:55 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (with the “Mother”) in a glass of water can provide immediate relief, as can chewing gum or licorice. You may be able to take ACV undiluted.
    5:35 A tablespoon of Baking Soda (Bicarb soda) in a glass of water will help raise the PH of your stomach as it has a PH of 7 and will dilute the acid in your esophagus
    6:10 Chewing on a piece of ginger root. Keep it in the fridge and slice off a piece to chew on when you have heartburn
    6:25 A pinch of unprocessed sea salt (like Redman’s) on the tongue

    For long term cure
    7:05 Remove grains, liquid dairy from diet and eat a low inflammatory diet – Low Carb, Keto or carnivore
    8:10 Lose weight and don’t put pressure on the stomach. Low Carb, Keto, Carnivore can help this
    9:00 Stop eating and drinking 2 hrs before lying down in bed. Your sphincter (valve) is supposed to be closed all the time, but it can become dysfunctional and leak acid up the esophagus. You may not feel symptoms during the night from your acid going into the esophagus, but you will feel it the next day.
    10:15 Raise the head of the bed 2-4 inches with bricks. Don’t use more pillows under your head as they will put pressure on your stomach
    11:40 Stop smoking, drinking too much alcohol and drinking too much coffee. May need to stop coffee and alcohol temporarily.
    13:10 Have a good Probiotic (refrigerated one are usually better, not from China Mart)
    13:55 Don’t have a belt or girdle done up to tight. Wear loose-fitting clothes.

    1. Thanks!😀
      Note: Putting bricks under the head of your bed will eventually ruin your mattress. I tried doing this many years ago.
      Maybe a few weeks or a few months will be okay, but not for several months or longer.

    2. It seems I read somewhere that heartburn is one of the most misdiagnosed issues.
      It said that more often than not that people are suffering from a lack of acid you body is producing and the acid burn we feel is the acid from the food eating at us instead of our produced acid eating the food. Something to that effect it’s been awhile since I read it and couldn’t find it again to be 100% sure. But is there any truth to that claim

  3. Hi Doc, thanks for all your hard work and willingness to help humanity.

    I suffered from AR
    Acid Reflux for a very long time years.

    Diet is always the cause not Necessity or only low stomach acid.

    Yes stomach acid is needed more for red grain fed meats, grain carbohydrates, and high fats omega 6″ s.

    I fixed my AR by stop eating red meats that’s Grain Fed,
    casine A1 in Kerry gold butter or produces, grains and food related to grains like bread of any color,
    lectin loaded foods and mega 6 corn, vegetable oils.

    I now eat fish and vegetables and high fat. I have not tried pasture raised red meats as yet cause it feels so good to don’t have or feel AR that nagging acid in the throat all night
    I enjoy Good fats , coconut oil, olive oil, and I don’t need HCL OR Digestive enzyme, my point , its not the acid in the stomach its the food that my body or your body is or was screaming NO NO STOP EATING THOSE FOODS.

    So I listen to the loud voice and now am good.
    I can now sleep a little better.

    Insomnia can very well be due to Poor Food choices and digestive issues, just a thought.

    Thanks doc am sharing my true to life experience.

  4. Full of excellent advice. So glad I found your video. I was just so desperate so I went to see the doctor, but he just hands out pills and has no long term solution. I hate pills at the best of time, don’t even like to take painkillers even when I am in pain. Your advice gives me hope. Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks because my Chest would probably go up in flames by the time he tell us! Got damn I hate when these people ramble and don’t get to the point until 5 mins or 10 minutes later.

  5. I had to chuckle a bit when you said your wife just takes a swig of acv. If I did that I’d probably forget all about the heartburn because I’d be focused on the layer of skin I just burned off of my throat lol lol 😂😂😂.

    1. forthetruth I actually have done this before because I read about it, it really does help after it burns your throat, I just have something to flush it down after I get it down.

    1. J B if it’s a physical problem causing reflux a surgical solution may work, as it did for me. I think the procedure I had, to repair a hiatal hernia, was called a “Nissin Wrap” or something similar.

    2. @AJ DE Same, it’s like they don’t even care about the side effects. Study from last year (after this video was done) says Nexium can cause heart attacks, strokes and cancer…nice smh

  6. I’m going to try this. I can’t go a day w/out taking the Losec tablet, it’s bloody expensive too.

  7. Dr Berry, Thanks for the advise, I took a few of your heart burn tips an feel better. I Look forward to trying all your indigestion cures.

  8. As a pharmacist and chiropractor with over 50 years in the health field I can say “listen to this advice. He is making uncommon good sense.!” If you are lucky enough to find an MD with such an open mind to alternatives, become a patient of his asap.

    1. I have this problem i think is gerd becouse it makes me burrp all the time and it blocks me dificult breathing i dont know if is gerd or something else

    1. To be fair, they said that Zantac “didn’t have much more” of the carcinogen then what was in regular food.

  9. I was tortured for decades with heartburn and reflux. 2 weeks into keto, and it was all gone. 14 months later, still gone, along with 80+ pounds. 🙂

  10. My heartburn was caused by eating in slouching position I observed that every time I sat tired and slouching eating I had heartburn. For a 10 days I eat standing up this cured me, now I pay attention to how I sit eating. I suspect this is a cause of all heartburn in all people. Doctors will not tell you this because they will lose business, they instead are torturing millions by drugs that do not work.

    1. WRONG! your case of posture related heartburn is uncommon. Diet is the cause of the majority of people who have heartburn or GERD. Sugar is one of our biggest enemies.

    2. I do too. And I read its the best if you have GERD but you have to eat slowly and chew many times. Ad not drink liquids at least 40 minutes before or after meals, unless you take some medication.

  11. I’ve had terrible heartburn since I was in my 20’s. I’ve woken up at night choking on stomach acid. The one thing that helped me more than anything was eating dinner early at night. I absolutely will not eat anything after 5pm and I’ll try not to lay down within 3 hours. That fixed it for me with no pills.

    1. I felt that way about Ginger ale! During my 30 years of Gerd I was a ginger ale addict for a while there… I don’t drink it anymore (I do take ginger pills) but I realize it was just a temporary fix because it would make me burp. No more carbonated drinks or coffee for me now. And eating Keto really did help 100%

  12. When I was strict keto my heartburn disappeared. Intermittent fasting where I cut off my food several hours before bedtime certainly helps.

    1. @norma Ruelas Im on keto as well and I have lost weight slowly over the last 5 months.. about 20 lbs but I still have heartburn. I think I may be eating meals that are too large. Do you think meals that are 1200 – 1500 calories are too large? How large are your meals? Im 250 lbs athletic build and very active so I need about 3000 calories per day. Sorry for the long post…

  13. My heartburn ended five months ago on the very first day I started keto. Stomach pain when eating gone. IBS gone. Asthma gone. Allergies gone. Constant coughing, wheezing and sneezing gone. Arthritis pain and stiffness gone. High blood pressure gone. Heart palpitations and shortness of breath gone. Thirty two pounds gone.

    1. Incidentally, when I started Keto, the Keto flue contributed to my gerd developing because I always fell asleep after eating Keto meals. It was not the kind of Keto flu I ever got over. It continued for months.

  14. Never take Apple cider vinegar straight, allows dilute with something. It will burn your esophagus (believe me)

    1. just a warning, don’t take ACV when you’re suffering from Gastritis, it’ll irritate your stomach linig more.

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